Who we are:

This was my first "crew" and what really got me into cars. Now over a decade later and we are still the closest of friends.

Sadly none of us own these cars anymore, but thats just how it is

So much has changed in the car scene since then:

-350Zs now cost less than 240sxs
-240sx now sell for the price of 350Zs when new
-AE86s are unobtanium and you'd be hard pressed to find one at a Sonic drive thru.

However, what has stayed the same is the love and friendship that can be formed through the car community.

My friends are the whole reason I decided to start Sakura Road to begin with. I always loved getting them rare or obscure gifts for their cars or their garage as gifts.

I hope I'm able to do the same for you.

Again, Welcome to Sakura Road, I thank you for your time and consideration.